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About Me

    I am a 19-year-old 2nd-year student at the University of Guelph in Ontario Canada studying Computer Science whilst completing a minor in mathematics. I have been programming since the age of 12 and have continuously been putting out personal projects since 14. I am currently looking for a coop placement for the 2020 summer work term. Below is a collection of completed courses along with courses I am currently taking with their respected syllabus. Read further to see what i've been working on the past few years.

William John Ambrozic

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Current Semester Course Enrolment


MATH*3260 Complex Analysis

"This course extends calculus to cover functions of a complex variable; it introduces complex variable techniques which are very useful for mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering. Topics include complex differentiation, planar mappings, analytic and harmonic functions, contour integration, Taylor and Laurent series, the residue calculus and its application to the computation of trigonometric and improper integrals, conformal mapping and the Dirichlet problem".


MATH *2210 Advanced Calculus II

"This course continues the study of multiple integrals, introducing spherical and cylindrical polar coordinates. The course also covers vector and scalar fields, including the gradient, divergence, curl and directional derivative, and their physical interpretation, as well as line integrals and the theorems of Green and Stokes".


CIS*2750 Software Systems Development and Integration

"This course introduces techniques and tools used in the development of large software systems. Students learn methods for organizing and constructing modular systems, manipulating files, introductory interface design, and use of databases. Software tools for managing projects, database connectivity, configuration management, and system application programmer interfaces are also covered".


CIS*3490 The Analysis and Design of Computer Algorithms

"The design and analysis of efficient computer algorithms are studied. Topics which will be studied include: standard methodologies, asymptotic behaviour, optimality, lower bounds, implementation considerations, graph algorithms, matrix computations (e.g. Strassen's method), NP-completeness".


CIS*3110 Operating Systems I

"This course covers operating systems in theory and practice by focusing on the components in a system: scheduling, resource allocation, process management, multi-programming, multi-tasking, I/O control, file systems, and mechanisms for client-server computing using examples from contemporary operating systems".

CIS*2430 - Object Oriented Programming, CIS*2520 - Data Structures, CIS*2030 - Structure/Applicat - Microcomp, MATH*2200 - Advanced Calculus I, COOP*1100 - Introduction to Coop Education, CIS*2910 - Discrete Structures in Comp II, CIS*1910 - Discrete Structures in Comp I, CIS*2500 - Intermediate Programming, MATH*1210 - Calculus II, STAT*2040 - Statistics I, CHIN*1210 - Chinese II, CIS*1500 - Introduction to Programming, LING*1000 - Introduction to Linguistics, MATH*1160 - Linear Algebra I, MATH*1200 - Calculus I, CHIN*1200 - Introductory Chinese I


Mathematics & Computer Science

A collection of educational projects in the field of Computer Science & Mathematics


Modular Arithmatic Visualization

A simple video displaying modular arithmetic shown at different factors


Modular Arithmetic Generator

This is a visualizer for modular arithmetic. This was inspired by a video by Mathologer about patterns in times tables and cardioids in the Mandelbrot set based on the power of the Mandelbrot set equation. 


AI Learns Space Shooter

Elementary implementation of a NEAT Neural Network for spaceShooter by Tasdik Rahman


A collection of writings in the field of Mathematics & Computer Science


Google Billboard Problem Solution

This is a simple python program I wrote to solve the 2004 Google Billboard Puzzle after reading about it in order to find the correct solution.


Artificial Intelligences Impact on Human Cognitive Evolution

A peice questioning the future impact artificial intelligence has on human cognition.


Different Ways to Compute Mathematical Constants

Just some simple ways to calculate mathematical constants in python.

Graphic Design

I have been consistently using Adobe products to create designs for projects since the age of 14

Hire Me

I am currently looking for a coop placement for the 2020 summer work term, any offers would be greatly appreciated.

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