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    I am an upper year coop student residing in Ontario Canada studying Computer Science whilst completing a minor in mathematics. I have been programming since the age of 12 and have continuously been putting out personal projects since 14. My focus is making secure, responsive and functional applications. Currently looking for a coop placement for the (4 month) 2021 summer work term. 

William John Ambrozic

Toronto, Ontario Canada

Current Semester Course Enrolment


MATH*3260 Complex Analysis

"This course extends calculus to cover functions of a complex variable; it introduces complex variable techniques which are very useful for mathematics, the physical sciences and engineering. Topics include complex differentiation, planar mappings, analytic and harmonic functions, contour integration, Taylor and Laurent series, the residue calculus and its application to the computation of trigonometric and improper integrals, conformal mapping and the Dirichlet problem".


MATH*3160 Linear Algebra II

"The topics in this course include complex vector spaces, direct sum decompositions of vector spaces, the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, the spectral theorem for normal operators and the Jordan canonical form".


MATH*2130 Numerical Methods

"This course provides a theoretical and practical introduction to numerical methods for approximating the solution(s) of linear and nonlinear problems in the applied sciences. The topics covered include: solution of a single nonlinear equation; polynomial interpolation; numerical differentiation and integration; solution of initial value and boundary value problems; and the solution of systems of linear and nonlinear algebraic equations".


CIS*3750 System Analysis and Design Applications 

"This course is an introduction to the issues and techniques encountered in the design and construction of software systems, focusing on the theory and models of software evolution. Topics include requirements and specifications, prototyping, design principles, object-oriented analysis and design, standards, integration, risk analysis, testing and debugging".


CIS*3120 Digital Systems I

"This course examines Boolean algebra, minimization of Boolean expressions, design of combinational and sequential logic circuits, memory design, control, ALU, bus design, microprogramming and CPU design".

MATH*2210 - Advanced Calculus II, CIS*2750 - Software Systems Development and Integration, CIS*3490 - The Analysis and Design of Computer Algorithms, CIS*3110 - Operating Systems I, CIS*2430 - Object Oriented Programming, CIS*2520 - Data Structures, CIS*2030 - Structure/Applicat - Microcomp, MATH*2200 - Advanced Calculus I, COOP*1100 - Introduction to Coop Education, CIS*2910 - Discrete Structures in Comp II, CIS*1910 - Discrete Structures in Comp I, CIS*2500 - Intermediate Programming, MATH*1210 - Calculus II, STAT*2040 - Statistics I, CHIN*1210 - Chinese II, CIS*1500 - Introduction to Programming, LING*1000 - Introduction to Linguistics, MATH*1160 - Linear Algebra I, MATH*1200 - Calculus I, CHIN*1200 - Introductory Chinese I

Coop Terms / Work Experience

2020 - 2022

Summer COOP 2021

To be determined

Magna International Inc.

     Magna International Inc. is the largest automobile parts manufacturer in North America supplying companies like Tesla Motors, General Motors, and BMW. Magna produces automotive systems, modules, and automotive components. This includes components enabling self-driving, and an electrified future.    

     During my 8-month work term, I independently developed and designed a responsive quality database deployable on Amazon AWS using the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) enabling email notifications, Excel exporting, PDF exporting, file uploading, data charting, and hashed user profiles. Along with this I helped roll out the auditing software ease.io. In doing so creating proper documentation for the use and utility of the software.  

     My goals for the work term included understanding the Angular Framework including successful implementation & deployment, and fully understanding & communicating the auditing software ease.io.
I was hoping to learn the Angular framework and its place in the MEAN stack and refine my documentation skills in a working scenario. Both skills learned will be taken to my future work experiences & life in developing solid, secure & scalable applications.
I was able to successfully implement the MEAN stack, successfully deployed the application on an AWS instance, and provided detailed documentation of my learning for the EASE auditing software. 


Personal Projects

Mathematics & Computer Science

A collection of educational projects in the field of Computer Science & Mathematics

Modular Arithmatic Visualization

A video displaying modular arithmetic shown at different factors

Modular Arithmetic Generator

A visualizer for modular arithmetic. This was inspired by a video by Mathologer about patterns in times tables and cardioids in the Mandelbrot set based on the power of the Mandelbrot set equation. 

AI Learns Space Shooter

Elementary implementation of a NEAT Neural Network for spaceShooter by Tasdik Rahman

Writing and Development

A collection of writings and code in the field of Mathematics & Computer Science

Google Billboard Problem Solution

A python program I wrote to solve the 2004 Google Billboard Puzzle after reading about the problem.

LeetCode Solutions

A collection of my LeetCode solutions I add to periodically.

Facebook Quick Maths Bot

A bot I made to get the highscore in the facebook game Quick Maths developed by @billzeng2k on github.

Different Ways to Compute Mathematical Constants

Some simple ways to calculate mathematical constants in python.

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I am currently looking for a coop placement for my 2021 summer work term, any offers would be appreciated.

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